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Evan Bitan, scholarship recipient at a December 22, 2019 reception in New Jersey (left)
Jeffrey Wallace and Charity President Peter Rockholz at the reception (right).

Board member Bob Korn at The Warehouse, Alexandria, Virginia, October 13, 2018.

Diamond Layne, 2015 scholarship recipient at a
January 9, 2016 reception. Pictured on the
right is Diamond's grandmother.

2014 Book Award recipient Melissa Saldarriaga

Former law clerks to the late Hon. Thomas Tang with Dr. Pearl Tang at reception
for Dr. Tang and shcolarship recipient Soo Chang on Nov. 9. 2014 in Scottsdale

2013 Book Award recipient Courtney Liddell

Charity president Peter Rockholz with Book Award recipient
Katrina Southerland at reception on December 18, 2013, New York City

2013 Book Award recipient Katrina Southerland (right) with
2010 Scholarship recipient Danielle Cardona (left)

Charity Secretary Roy Kim (left) with
Director Marcus P. Johnson (right)

Ron Low with scholarship recipient Emily Ly at scholarship
award dinner, July 9, 2013, Los Angeles

Director Gary Yoshimura, July 9, 2013

Director Peter Rockholz, October 2012

Thanks to Target and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates for their support of 2012 programs.

As a result of 2011 Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair donations, children affected by family cancer received gift baskets. A few of the recipients are pictured below.


BOB Fund Gift Basket

On December 18, 2011, the charity held a lunch in Millburn, New Jersey to celebrate its 501(c)(3) status and a 2011 scholarship.

2011 Scholarship recipient Kenneth B. Villa with his mother (left),
Joann Acosta (center-right) and 2010 Scholarship recipient Danielle Cardona (right)

Rev. Antony and Faye Chang

On September 11, 2011, the charity held a brunch in Ithaca, New York to celebrate its IRC 501(c)(3) status and 2011 scholarships for children affected by family cancer, and to observe the tenth anniversary of events that inspired the founding of BOB Fund for Children, Inc.

Preschooler Graciela (pictured below), the 2011 recipient of a summer day camp stipend, was the featured guest at the brunch.

Gary Yoshimura with scholarship recipient Soo Y. Chang

On December 18, 2010, an inaugural reception was held in Manhattan to "kick off" BOB Fund for Children, Inc., and to celebrate the award of NAPABA LAW Foundation Bob Chin Scholarships to two students affected by family cancer.

Scholarship recipients Ann Chao and Danielle Cardona

Larry Barocas; Grace Yoo;
Tommy Shi, Mercedes-Benz Diversity & Inclusion Officer (L-R)
(photograph by Jeffrey C. Wallace, 2010)

Richard Schall; Neal Salth; and Peter Rockholz (L-R)
(photograph by Jeffrey C. Wallace, 2010)



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